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How to Pack for Travel

Josiah over at our downtown neighbor Western Laundry has written a helpful guide to packing menswear for travel. He explains:

Since coming out West for college, about four years ago, I’ve put in about 40,000 miles traveling for work, holidays, and friend’s weddings. (Nothing compared to Tom Stuker). The most frustrating thing for me is traveling with nicer clothes–button downs, slacks, etc–since they always end up wrinkled. Over the summer I flew out to Maryland for a buddy’s wedding; when I got there the white shirt I packed looked terrible, so, of course, I tried to iron it. Turns out, not every iron is as effective or as clean as the one’s in our plant. I ended up having to toss the shirt out.

I’ve learned a few tips, pressing pants and pulling wrinkles out of jackets, to help keep your clothes looking great while traveling. Get ready to learn how to pack like a travel ninja!

Check out the whole article over at Western Laundry’s blog.