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Why what men wear really matters

In this interview from Radio Times in Philadelphia, host Marty Moss-Coane leads a great discussion on men’s style and fashion with menswear luminary G. Bruce Boyer and designer Wale Oyejide.

Near the end Boyer mentions that there’s a decreased utility of watches and glasses – we all have the time on our phones, and contacts are as accessible as frames. But despite the loss of utility the expressive and semiotic value remains and may even be enhanced – Boyer jokes that he wears tortoise-shell circle frames to ‘look more intelligent’, and goes on to say that one of his favorite fashion accessories is a book for the same reason.


Bruce Boyer just released a new book called ‘True Style: The History & Principles of Classic Menswear’


Wale Oyejide (far right) has a line called Ikire Jones, which combined well-cut jackets with African textiles